About the PTA

​PS/IS217 PTA Mission

  • To provide support and resources to the school for the benefit and educational growth of the children of PS/IS 217.
  • To develop a cooperative working relationship between the parents and staff of our school.
  • To develop parent leadership and build capacity for greater involvement and participation in the school.
  • To provide opportunities for parents to participate in school governance and decision-making.
  • To promote a positive relationship between the school and the surrounding community.
 All  parents of PS/IS 217 students are automatically members of our PTA, and can vote at PTA ​General Membership meetings.

Why is the PTA important?

The PTA has a direct impact on your children and the quality of their school. The PTA has the ability to make a school a better place for your children to learn by addressing the needs of our school. Here are some examples of how the PTA has benefitted students at 217:

  • Making the school a better place to learn. Every year our PTA spends thousands of dollars to purchase classroom furniture, computers, science and technology supplies and equipment, essential supplies and equipment, library books, musical instruments, and funded playground/school beautification projects. It is our goal to ensure that the school and teachers have everything they need to provide the best learning environment for all our children.
  • Providing enrichment opportunities for children, including studio art, movement and dance programs (such as African Dance for 3rd graders, and ballroom dance for 5th graders), theater games and musical theater programs, and an architecture enrichment program. The PTA  assuming responsibility for 100% of the costs of enrichment programs  - without the PTA fundraising efforts these enrichments could not be offered. 
  • Providing opportunities for parent engagement at school, as well as providing opportunities for parents to learn more about health and welfare subjects relevant to children.

2023-2024 PTA Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Amanda Brown & Angela Fekete

Co-Vice Presidents: Sarah Ting & Jessica Setton

Co-Treasurers: Conway Ekpo & Joshua Benson

Co-Secretaries: Lani Blanco & Gabby Hill

Co-Vice Presidents of Events: Christina Kirkman Koplik and Margherita Morandi

Co-Vice Presidents of Membership: Sara Narumi & Kimberly Brownell

School Leadership Team 2023-2024

Voting Members: Alex Arzac, Meggy Masters, Amy Pippin Rodriguez