Family Homework Packet

Our staff and administration has been busy getting ready and looking forward to working with your children both in person and remotely. We ask you to complete all the forms needed for our school to maintain current records and contact information for every student.

You can access the Family Homework Packet online.

  1. Most recent physical exam and updated immunization record must be sent into school via your child’s backpack or by email Lauraine Rademaker
  2. Family Homework must be completed for EACH child you have at 217.
    • Please provide at least 3 emergency contact numbers that are different from parent/guardian numbers. All persons must be local and available to pick up your child in the event of an emergency or suspected Covid case. You also must include all persons responsible for picking up your child on a regular basis (ex: bus drivers, babysitters, or after-school programs).
    • Any day-to-day change of pick up must be sent in writing to the teacher.
    • This electronic form also includes:
    • Medical Information Form
    • Student Information Form
    • Photo Consent Forms
    • Dismissal Instructions
    • Breakfast and Half Day Lunch Opt Ins
    • DOE HIV Lessons Notice
    • Roosevelt Island Community Walking Trip Permission Slip (This form grants permission for your child to go with his/her class on any spontaneous walking trips on RI that support the curriculum during the school year and allows your child to participate in outdoor instruction and lunch this school year.)
  3. All families must complete the Family Income Inquiry Form (formerly known as the school lunch form application) regardless of financial need. This form is a requirement for all registered public-school students and the city uses the data to allocate additional funding. Please visit to complete the application. Forward your confirmation receipt and your child’s name and grade to Ms.Crystal at

Forms must be completed electronically prior to the start of in person instruction on 9/8/23.